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Day 1 

Bending Notes

These tutorials are in the key of "A"

Bending Notes

Bending notes add grace and smoothness to your playing! The slower you bend notes, the more smooth your playing can sound.

Try not to bend by sliding up or down (north/south) as this could impact your playing when you play smaller and larger flutes. Try to stay with side-to-side motions (pushing & lifting or pulling back). 

Please Note

I realize that you may be excited to share this content with your friends, however, please do not share from YouTube, instead, invite them to take the 4 Day Embellishment Walkthrough from the initial landing page so that they will learn in the same order that you did. Thank you for your enthusiasm and understanding! 

Give them this link: 

Learn new songs that incorporate Embellishments

Each piece of sheet music contains finger diagrams so you don't have to read the notes. One version has embellishments listed out, the other is simple and just contains the melody without embellishments.