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Join Us In Montana For The Mountain Melodies Horizons Masterclass on 8/3-4 with Optional Flute Making Masterclass on 8/1-2.
Join Us In Montana For The Mountain Melodies Horizons Masterclass.

Trade In The Flutes You No Longer Play!

The Flute Trade Program

Do you have a flute or flutes that no longer bring you joy to play? Are they just sitting around collecting dust and taking up space? Our trade-in program offers a great solution! 

Avoid the hassle of going through the trouble of trying to sell your flute on third-party marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook and Craigslist. With our trade-in flute service, you can bypass the time spent waiting for a buyer, negotiating prices, and dealing with concerns over product authenticity and quality. 

We provide an easy and secure way to receive either cash or in-store credit for your unused instruments. Plus, if you wish, we also arrange for these flutes to be donated to charities for an extra helping hand.

NOTE: We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays.

Four Easy Steps To Trade-In Your Flutes

  • Submit the form.

  • Receive an estimate.

  • Send us your flute(s).

  • Get your credit or cash!

How will I know what my flute is worth?

We have a pretty good pulse on the market value of flutes and consult other experts to give you the best value for your flutes. We will send you two offers, one is for cash and the other is for credit to and/or The cash offer will be lower than that of the credit offer. 

Cash Offer

Credit Offer


As a starting point, we offer around 60% of the Used Market Value of the flute for a cash offer.

As a starting point, we offer around 80% of the Used Market Value of the flute for a credit offer.

If you choose to donate a flute to us, we will auction or directly sell that flute and proceeds will go to Sweetgrass Flute Foundation or a partnering Charity.

NOTE: We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays or damages to flutes in transporation.

What Can Credit be used for?

Any merchandise on or including Private Lessons, Courses, Flutes, Accessories, Sheet Music & Backing Tracks, the Horizons Plus Membership and even tickets to future Horizons Summits and Retreats!

Let's get started!

  • 01.

    Use the simple form below to send us information about your flute(s)! There is a place to upload photos and give more detail about each flute.

  • 02.

    After you submit the form, we'll send an estimate to your email promptly.

  • 03.

    Once approved, we will give you an address to ship the flutes to. Please package your flute(s) well and ship them to us. We are not responsible for the flutes while they are in transit. 

  • 04.

    Once the flutes arrive here, are inspected and approved for the estimated amount, we will issue you a gift card or coupon to use as credit, or send you funds via PayPal or personal check for the agreed upon cash price.