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MINI-COURSE MARKDOWN!!! All Mini-Courses Are On Sale For $25 Each (That's a Savings of 43%)!
All Mini-Courses Are On Sale For $25 ea (Save 43%)!

What led you here?

There’s something about how your favorite Native American flute artist makes the most simple music sound so full of emotion but you haven’t quite been able to capture that yourself. 

Embellishments are the foundation for that emotion and spice and I’d love to show you how to do these in my free mini-course covering four key embellishments.  

I've been there

I started my flute journey back in 2002, when very few resources were available for learning simple techniques. 

I feel that I would have grown as a flute player more quickly and efficiently if I had someone to show me the ropes, or even new ideas. 

Let me help you!

want to invite you to take this FREE 4 Day Embellishment Walkthrough, where I'll share a new technique each day over the next four days. 

These are techniques that I use in almost every song or improv session and I believe they'll be really helpful for you, too!

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You'll receive a new embellishment training each day for four days. This gives you time to practice and not feel overwhelmed.

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