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Check Out Our Current Deals and Promotions!
Check Out Our Current Deals and Promotions!
Finding fulfillment in your flute journey!
Whether you're just starting out playing the Native American flute or you've played it for years, it's not uncommon to reach out for help when you hit creative roadblocks, dry spells of inspiration or if you just have a desire for more! The Native American flute is an instrument that is forgiving, pleasant, meditative and inspiring. 

On this page, you'll find a variety of options to keep you growing as a flute player including Courses, Membership, Free Tips, Group Coaching, and 1:1 Private Flute Coaching.

Promised Transformation

I have inspired thousands of flute players to become more emotive, creative and accomplished with their Native American flutes and I want to help empower you, too. My offerings are designed to open your mind to options and plans of action that will propel you positively forward and bring clarity to the priorities, strategies and opportunities along your flute journey. Since 2002, I have been captivated by the Native American flute and passionate about sharing it with others. If you are yearning to become a better flute player, I promise to meet you at your level; to respect, support, encourage, inspire and motivate you to achieve the exceptional results you desire!

Courses, Group Learning & Membership Options
Work through a variety of online courses, lesson modules, workshops and more with the Horizons Plus Membership! In this unique learning platform, you'll have access to me in the LIVE Q&A Discussions to ask questions and get feedback on your playing. This is the perfect way to really hone your skills and become proficient with the Native American flute.
Direct Feedback & Reviews
Perhaps you're at a place where some good and solid feedback will help propel you in a forward-moving direction. I offer three options when it comes to getting this type of feedback; two of these provide you with a PDF report and one is a LIVE, 30-minute session with me. No matter which option you choose, I'm confident that you'll be able to improve your flute sound with the help of my feedback.
Private & Group Coaching
Some of the biggest and most powerful transformations come by working with a coach in 1:1 sessions or in a group setting. By working with me you'll have the ability to gain a fresh, informed perspective on problems that you face and I can help you to zero in on negative patterns that could be standing in your way. My approach is tailored specifically to you, so that you can make real and lasting changes in your musical pursuits.
Students wishing to work with me 1:1 or in a Group Setting must first apply.
Free Flute Playing Tips on YouTube
On my YouTube Channel, you'll find lots of tips, advice and troubleshooting in addition to music videos and flute reviews! Subscribing is free and motivates me to make more videos for you!
Avoid These 15 Flute Playing Mistakes
How to stop sabotaging your growth as a flute player and unlock the joy in your music. 
Grab this free resource before that little "thing" becomes a big, hard-to-break habit! 

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