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Flute Cases & Oregon Flute Store Inventory Now Available!
Flute Cases & Oregon Flute Store Inventory Now Available!

Chromatic Scale & Worksheet

IS it my flute? Or is it me?

Native American flutes are largely hand-made instruments and, whether you have one or over a hundred of them, you'll quickly realize that the tuning may be inconsistent and some notes are hard to chase down. 

While this can be frustrating, we can also look at it through the lense of opportunity. This is an excellent opportunity for you to grow as a flute player while building a preference around your perfect flute. 

Good tools make a difference

I started my flute journey back in 2002, when very few resources were available for learning. Today we have lots of information at our fingertips and I'm dedicated to creating products, services and experiences that help new flute players feel supported; induce creativity and clarity for flutists who are feeling uninspired or stuck and propel forward those who are seasoned and passionate about growing as a flute player.

Let me help you!

want to invite you to download my Exclusive Chromatic Scale & Worksheet for free! This is a tool that I provide my 1:1 students and is also included in a few of my e-courses.

I believe this will be a great tool for you, too! 

Get my exclusive Chromatic Scale & Worksheet [FREE]

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