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Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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Raven Wing Flutes - Mojave [B] Rim-Blown Flute

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Raven Wing Flutes - Mojave [B]- Rim-Blown Flute

Discover the Heartbeat of the Southwest with Our Mojave-Tuned Pueblo Style Flute

Crafted with passion and precision, the Cherry Wood Puebloan Mojave Flute stands as a testament to the rich musical traditions of the Southwest. Tuned to B 440Hz and fashioned from exquisite cherry wood, this flute embodies simplicity and elegance with its understated burned ring decorations.



Key Features:

  • Tuning and Size: Experience the authentic sounds of the Southwest with this Mojave-tuned Pueblo style flute in B 440Hz, measuring approximately 26 inches in length. Designed for versatility, it can be played comfortably with either hand on top.

  • Hole Configuration: A unique 4-hole +1 design, featuring four finger holes on the front and an innovative thumb hole, enables players to produce the notes B, C#, D, E, F#, G (thumbhole). Additional notes can be achieved through cross-fingering techniques.

  • Voice and Range: Boasting a strong voice with ample volume, this flute offers excellent dynamics and a full 2+ octave range. With some cross-fingering, players can explore 3 harmonics from the fundamental note, including an octave, 5th, and 3rd.

  • Innovative Thumb Hole: Inspired by historical flutes, the addition of a thumb hole for the G note enhances the flute's lower octave capabilities—a thoughtful modification for enriched musical expression.

  • Finishing Touches: Each flute undergoes a meticulous finishing process, starting with an overnight soak in penetrating, hardening oil for water resistance. After drying, three coats of wipe-on, food-safe polyurethane are applied, followed by a final buffing with paste wax for a brilliant shine.


Craftsmanship and Care:

At Raven Wing Flutes, we honor the legacy of traditional flute-making while embracing innovation. The Cherry Wood Puebloan Mojave Flute is not just an instrument; it's a bridge to the past, a companion for the present, and an inspiration for the future. Each flute is carefully crafted to ensure it resonates not just with sound, but with the spirit of those who play it.

Embrace the Spirit of the Southwest with the Cherry Wood Puebloan Mojave Flute—Your Portal to Musical Exploration.


These are great choices for anyone looking to add an affordable, yet unique Native flute to their collection. These flutes do not come with a fleece bag, please select a flute bag from our selection that best fits this flute. 

Made by Frank Harter of Raven Wing Flutes.

*Not Native Made*   




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