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Check Out Our Current Deals and Promotions!

Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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Marton Pap Flutes - Raven Series [F] Native American-Style Flute

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Marton Pap - Raven Series Native-style Flute

Crafted by the renowned 'Flute Man,' Marton Pap, this exquisite flute is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and unique style.



Unique Craftsmanship

Each flute is handcrafted from White Narra Wood, a material known for its beauty and durability. The natural variations in the wood, including spalting, ensure that no two flutes are exactly alike, making each one a unique masterpiece.


Intricate Design

The totem of the flute features an intricately carved Raven design, a signature touch of the artist. This intriguing detail is complemented by hand burned feathers at the foot-end and mouthpiece area, adding to the flute's charm and character.


Totem Details

Each flute's totem is securely tied with jute and adorned with beautifully burned wooden beads. For those who prefer a different aesthetic, we offer leather strips as an alternative option for customization.


Sound Quality

Tuned to the key of F and in 440 Hz concert pitch, this flute promises beautiful tones that resonate with clarity and warmth. With an approximate length of 25 inches, it's a comfortable fit for most hands.


Artistry and Passion

Experience the artistry and passion of Marton Pap with the Raven Series Native-style Flute. Each piece carries small, distinctive details that make it truly special, a reflection of the artist's dedication to his craft. This flute isn't just a musical instrument, it's a work of art.


    These are great choices for anyone looking to add an affordable, yet unique Native flute to their collection. These flutes do not come with a fleece bag, please select a flute bag from our selection that best fits this flute. 

    Made by Marton Pap Flutes.

    *Not Native Made* 





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