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Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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Elemental Flutes - Walnut Triple [G4] Native American-Style Flute

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Size: Key of G
Style: Drone Holes on Right


Black Walnut Triple Flute: A Masterpiece by Elemental Flutes

Experience the captivating musical journey with the Black Walnut Triple Flute, a masterpiece crafted by the talented Dustin Selva of Elemental Flutes. This unique instrument merges artistry and functionality, offering a symphony in your hands.


Ingenious Design

The Triple Flute is ingeniously designed with three distinct flutes. The central flute, a 6-hole modern variant, plays the melody. The second flute provides a constant root note without any holes, while the third has three holes to play a 3rd, 4th or 5th. You have the flexibility to create a held harmony by plugging or taping one or more of the holes on the three-hole drone or playing it as a harmony flute by placing your hands on both melodic flute sides and changing notes.

Superior Material

Crafted from black walnut, a superior choice for midrange flutes, this instrument delivers rich resonance and a warm, earthy tone that's truly enchanting. Despite being a hardwood, black walnut keeps the instrument surprisingly light, ensuring comfort during prolonged use.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Every detail of this flute showcases Dustin Selva's exceptional craftsmanship. His dedication to quality is evident in the concert tuning to 440Hz and the impeccable finish. This is more than just a musical instrument; it's a testament to Selva's commitment to excellence.

Versatility in Playing Positions

Choose between right-hand placement for the 3-hole harmony side or left-hand, catering to different playing styles and positions of flute players. This makes it not only an exceptional musical instrument but also a versatile one tailored to meet the needs of discerning musicians.

The Sonic Journey

Experience the extraordinary combination of design, craftsmanship, and performance with the Black Walnut Triple Flute. It's not just about making music; it's about creating an unforgettable sonic journey.


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Made To Order Note: 

The expected waiting time for these flutes is approximately 6 weeks, with an additional buffer of 2 weeks. If you would like to purchase a triple flute, placing an order will add you to the list in the same order received.

Made by Elemental Flutes (Dustin Selva)

*Not Native Made* 





Customer Reviews

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Robert Day
Wow! What an awesome flute!!!

This is an amazing flute! The Elemental Flutes - Walnut Triple [G4] Native American-Style Flute is a beautiful work of art. It is finished perfectly, is a delight to look at, and even more so to play! This is my eighteenth flute. I have seven drone flutes and ten single flutes (six are bass). Although I am fairly new to this, I play many other instruments (Guitar/Bass/Mandolin/Cello/Keys/Synths/Etc.) and enjoy learning new ones.
This flute is the nicest one I now own. It takes a bit more to play the triple flute (with hole in two sides), but when you get it right it is gorgeous!
I am also impressed that though made of Black Walnut, it still play a really clean tone. Having got used to playing flute primarily of cedar (a nice warm tone), the Walnut Triple Flute is haunting and clear. Really pretty to play.
The flute was delivered really fast! Well packed, and handled with care!
Thank you!
I will cherish this flute for a long time.