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Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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Exploring Multi-Chambered Native Flutes [e-course]

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Effectively learn how to play all the different multi-chambered flutes seen in our community, industry and marketplace including regular drones, harmony drones, Mayan harmony drones, exotic tuned drones and more! 

Inside this course, you'll uncover 35 videos and an 82-page written guide that will give you the exact strategies and frameworks to improve your sound and confidence when playing drone flutes.


I've designed this course for flute players who are looking to have a more profound experience with their drone flutes

These lessons will take time to learn and are meant for dedicated players. For those who undergo the lessons... you'll never be the same player again.


Here's A Sneak Peek...

  • Page 29 - "The Difference Between Consonant & Dissonant Notes"
    A key concept that professionals are well aware of when playing...

  • Page 36 - "Note Combinations That Cause Tension"
    You always want some level of tension or dissonance in your music when playing, here are the choices for exactly that...

  • Page 59 - "Overblowing Tips & Techniques"
    I'll reveal how you can adjust your flute to get the most optimal sound and note that you want...

  • Page 61 - "Breathing & Phrasing With Drones"
    It's no secret that drone flutes can take more breath because you're playing two or more flutes at the same time! I'll share strategies to help you breathe well and sound even better...

  • Page 64 - "Limiters"
    I've found that when we're asked to play a song for someone, we tend to use up everything we know within the first minute of play which leads to us getting embarrassed and flustered. I'll reveal a tool that gives you a mixture of variety in your songs with a few simple steps...

And that's just the written guide!

There's so much more inside the video lessons.


Are You Ready to Dust Off Your Drone Flute?

With hours of guided lessons and an 82-page guide of written secrets... there's quite literally nothing we've left out.

If you're looking to deepen your understanding and music-making potential with these exotic and interesting drone flutes, this is for you.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Judith Crawford
Complete Overview of Multi-Chambered Flutes

Loved this course. I already have several drones and was inspired to order a Mayan Flute from Brad Young. Thank you, Jonny, for this timely instruction.

Great materials and information

Well organized course packed with alot of good information. I like that there is a course manual to refer back to at a later time. I wish I took this course before I bought my drone though because I learned that the drone I bought is not a good fit for me due to size, mouthpiece and weight. That's a bit frustrating because I thought this course would teach me what I was doing wrong so I can play it. :(

James Cassidy
Some new info

I am familiar with most of the types of drones shown here. Somewhat intimidated by drones with thumb and pinky holes, some of that because of limitations due to arthritis. Very few of us have the opportunity to try out a flute before buying. I have several flutes that are stressful to play and therefore just sit on a rack mostly untouched.