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Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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Eagle Bone Replica Whistle (Ceramic)

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$ 40.00
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*Updated Design April 2024* 
This design now features two holes on the bottom hand, ergonomically placed for the right hand, and three holes on the left side. When playing this, you do not keep any holes down to achieve a minor pentatonic scale.

Introducing our Eagle Bone Replica Whistle, an instrument steeped in history and played worldwide. Modeled from the leg bone of the Harpy Eagle - the largest and most powerful eagle globally - this flute is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship.

The Eagle Bone Whistle is designed to produce notes from F-Bb. It's crafted to provide a scale like the Native American flute, also known as minor pentatonic. This unique feature makes improvisation effortless, as every note combination results in a beautiful melody.

This flute is not just an instrument but also an art piece that reflects the cultures of the Tadjik Herdsmen of Central Asia and the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Its design and sound can uplift the mood and create a serene environment, making it perfect for both personal use and performances.

Each Eagle Bone Flute comes with a cord necklace and velvet bag, enhancing its portability. Whether you're a professional musician or an enthusiast, this flute offers a unique musical experience. Enjoy the rich, timeless sounds of the Eagle Bone Flute, a blend of history, culture, and artistry.

*Not Native Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it !

I have quite a few bone whistles. This one is unique. It has a very sweet , soothing sound, and can be played melodically as shown in Jonny's demo video. Yet, you can also still do all the barks and chirps and sounds classic to a traditional bone whistle. It has a nice smooth texture. Definitely recommend.

Sandra Kennedy
Fun and nice sound

Easy to play and sounds quite nice. High pitched with pure tones. Also neat to wear around neck.