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Jonny Lipford's exploration of the Native American flute expands its boundaries and creates landscapes of sound that unearth feelings, energies, and memories for which there are no words. This music is intentional, yet free, liberating the listener's mind to journey deep within the framework of their heart and soul.

The use of Native American flutes and various world flutes harmonize and dance along with lush soundscapes that include piano, handpan, indigenous percussion, guitars and ethereal pads.   

"Congratulations on the new album. I really liked "Masked Ibis" and the addition of some vocals on "Migration", but it's all beautiful."

-Brandon, YouTube Review

"Hi Jonny,I'm finally sitting down and listening to Migration. Oh my. Amazing. Wonderful. Ethereal. Peaceful. Beautiful. Calming. Leads me on a journey, and tells a story. All the percussive instruments, piano, and all are so perfect for each tune. Wonderful arrangements.Thank you so much. I don't know how you do it. This is by far my favorite flute album!"

-Jill,  Email Review

"Migration is amazing!!! I think this CD brings you to a new level. So far Emerging Vision is my favorite."

-Walt, Email Review


I started my flute journey on Christmas day in 2002 after I was gifted a 5-hole bamboo Native American flute. I didn't know anything about the instrument, I just knew that I loved the sound of it.

I am blessed to share the music from Migration with you. The Native American flute, to me, has become a tool of self-expression, an instrument in which I can pour my heart and soul into when words escape me. 

That's how Migration was born. Through musical journaling when the words wouldn't come. I hope that you enjoy these nine songs uniquely crafted from my heart to your ears. 

Close your eyes and open your heart...

Jonny Lipford

The very blessed musician

"Jonny’s flute work is simple yet full of the POWER that music can convey..."

–Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Track Listing & Notes

  • 1. Fly In Beauty
  • 2. Hunt of the Nighthawk
  • 3. Emerging Vision
  • 4. Migration
  • 5. Masked Ibis
  • 6. At First Light
  • 7. Wisdom in the Wing
  • 8. Poet's Awakening
  • 9. Peace Within

1. Fly In Beauty

Teetering towards the edge of the branch, you prepare to take the journey you’ve long anticipated. Though the voyage seems perilous, trust that the wind will carry you. Know that your wings have the strength to sustain you. Taking a deep breath, you feel the rush of wind as you jump off the branch knowing you will fly in beauty.

Instrumentation: Handpan, Native flutes, Irish flute, piano and pad.

2. Hunt of the Nighthawk

Embrace the night. Take comfort in the shadows that decorate the land during the twilight hour. Like the nighthawk, you roam the night sky searching. Floating on the warm breeze as night sets in, you take in the shimmering stars above you and the solid, supportive earth below you. Here is where you are free to roam.

Instrumentation: Mayan harmony drone flute, percussion, piano, synthesizer and pad.

3. Emerging Vision

See the brilliant sunrise on the horizon. A new day dawns as you rise to greet it. The fog lifts and the shadows begin to roll away as the path before you becomes clearer. Let the calm breeze ferry you to where you long to go past the tall trees, across the mountains and desert. Though the wind may change direction, this is the path you are meant to follow.

Instrumentation: Triple Native flute, piano and percussion.

4. Migration

The sun warms your back as you take flight. Your wings know the way as you make the journey that is your heart’s desire, for you have traveled this path before. Your voice fills the empty spaces in the canyons and awakens the trees in the forest. Fuel this fire that burns deep within your heart, for it will feed your soul. Give rise to the passions you long to pursue. This is your time to soar.

Instrumentation: Bansuri, Native American flute, voice, piano, percussion and pad.

5. Masked Ibis

Heat waves roll across the land as you soar above the fields. Cool water splashes your feet as you land in the nearby lake that shimmers bright silver. A feeling of ease envelops you as you float on the water. Night falls, and you surrender to a sense of peace you’ve longed for.

Instrumentation: Guzheng, Native American & Persian flute, synthesizer, marimba, piano and percussion. 

6. At First Light

The sun peeks out over the horizon and the world is anew. The golden sun rays burst through the tree branches bringing life to the day. Feeling refreshed and renewed, you stretch your wings knowing in your heart that you can take on any strong wind that gusts your way.

Instrumentation: Native American & Irish flutes, synthesizer, erhu, piano and percussion. 

7. Wisdom in the Wing

Voices from the past carry to you on the wind. They awaken a spark within you that has fallen dormant. Hearing the wisdom in their words, you acknowledge the invisible thread that connects you to the sky and to the land. It is a gift many before you have possessed. Shed the burdens that encumber you and fly with the wise ones, for they’ve been waiting for you.

Instrumentation: Native American & Mojave flutes, synthesizer, gregorian chant, pad and percussion. 

8. Poet's Awakening

As the flower bursts into bloom, an awareness blossoms within you. Like the scribbling poet inspired by the world around him, you see things others cannot. Your muse begins to dance around you. She smiles and is overjoyed to see you’ve returned with childlike wonder. Allow yourself to see the splendor of this world, for it is yours to behold and cherish. 

Instrumentation: Native American and Poet flute, Bansuri, piano, pad and percussion.

9. Peace Within

The sun is bright as you walk on the path that is in front of you. You now carry a gift, a treasure, to share with others. You stop to greet those you encounter on your journey and share with them a piece of the treasure. Expressing their thanks, they wave to you as you continue down the road. No matter where your path leads you, or how many junctures you navigate along the way, you are free to walk in peace.

Instrumentation: Native American flute, birds, piano, pad and percussion. 


After spending three years in the creative space with these nine songs featured on Migration, it's finally time to fly. The songs on this album open up a new dimension in Jonny's playing and fit nicely in a progressive new age genre. You'll hear the Native American flute, Mojave flute, Mayan harmony flute, Irish flute, Persian flute, Bansuri with lush soundscapes and diverse rhythms. On the title track, Migration, you'll also hear a bit of Jonny's (rare) vocal work!

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"The intro to the album, “Fly In Beauty“, is a perfect example of just how haunting simplicity can be… the string washes that serve as an introduction to the piece are gradually joined by lots of other instruments, Jonny’s flute and Handpan, piano and pad…. I have no doubt that this tune will be getting MAJOR rotations on stations ’round the globe! This song WILL (I predict) WIN awards."

–Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews