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Save 79% On Our Course: Learn 3 Christmas Songs [with Sheet Music and Backing Tracks]
Save 79% On Our Course: Learn 3 Christmas Songs [with Sheet Music and Backing Tracks]

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The Complete Guide To The Native American Flute (Book) - Scott August

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The Complete Guide to the Native American Style Flute, 3rd Edition by Scott August. Everything to get you started on the Native American style flute, from buying your first flute to learning how to play. New and updated Third Edition
The new 3rd Edition will show you how to to buy and care for your first flute, explore its haunting scale, and learn the techniques to playing with confidence. Discover how to add embellishments, explore alternate scales, and master articulation and vibrato Native American Music Award Winner Scott August's step-by-step instructions will have you playing your first notes in no time and on the path to creating your own music!

  • 40% larger than the second edition.
  • Includes brand new sections
  • Over 120 original songs and duets for Native American style flute.
  • Includes:
    • Buying Your First Flute
    • Master the Native American Style Flute Scale
    • Tablature for the NAF
    • Complete list of Embellishments and how to use them
    • Over 120 original Songs and Duets, with online recordings
    • Breathing and vibrato
    • Articulation
    • Understanding basic rhythms
    • 22 Alternate scales
    • Easy exercises to improve your playing and strengthen your fingers
    • Get out of Ruts and Stay out of Them
    • Learn the Secrets of the Pros!
Topics Include:
    • How the Native American Style Flute Works
    • Buying your First Flute
    • Introduction to the Native American Style Flute Scale
  • BEGINNING PLAYING TECHNIQUE Playing your First Scale
    • Breath Control
    • Vibrato
    • The Harmony of the Native American Style Flute
    • Basic Rhythms

  • EMBELLISHMENTS: Complete Embellishments for the NAF 
      • Taps and Cuts
      • Chirps
      • Grace Notes
      • Double Grace Notes
      • Turns
      • Leaps with Taps, Cuts and Chirps
      • Trills
      • Mordents
      • Appoggiatura
      • Acciaccatura
      • Tonguing
      • Vibrato
      • Articulation
      • Examples of how to use embellishments

    • Yu Diao
    • Minyo
    • Gong
    • Ryo
    • Man Gong Jue
    • Raga Malkauns
    • Pentatonic Mixolydian
    • Spanish Gypsy
    • Ahava Rabba
    • Byzantine
    • Batti Major,
    • Raga Gambhiranata
    • Hirajoshi
    • Pentatonic Dorian
    • Locrain
    • Blues
    • and more...

    • For all levels:
    • Beginners to Intermediate
    • Audio recordings to help you learn the songs. (Audio recording are available online)

  • EXERCISES: 24 Beginning to Intermediate Exercises 
    • The Basic Scale
    • Trill Preparations
    • Scale Segments
    • Extreme Finger Training
    • Finger Isolations
    • Turns
    • Two Hole Leaps
    • Two and One Hole Leaps
    • Special FXs

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