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Perfecting Those High & Odd Notes [Mini Course]

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In this course, you'll become more aware of the tuning of your modern Native-style flute(s), how to confidently hit those high and odd notes with ease and learn essential factors when working with a tuner, temperature and breath pressure.

This course is designed to help you perfect every note on your modern Native-style flute. You'll learn the basics of tuning, how to confidently hit those high and odd notes easily, and become more aware of the tuning of your flute. You'll also learn essential factors when working with a tuner, temperature and breath pressure.

You will walk away from this course not only feeling confident in nailing any note on your flute, but also understanding why certain notes may be more challenging than others, what techniques can be used when working with a tuner and how they can be applied in practice. By the end of this course, you'll have all the knowledge needed to maintain an accurate tuning for your Native-style flute!

You do not need to learn to read music to enjoy this course!

What You Will Learn:
This course will give you the tools to push yourself and make playing all notes confidently a reality. You'll gain full confidence over each note from the highest to the lowest, and perfect every half-hole and cross-fingering position without struggling to accurately achieve them.

  • Learn the basics of tuning your modern Native-style flute, including temperature, breath pressure, and working with a tuner.
  • Become confident in hitting high notes and odd notes easily.
  • Understand why particular notes may be difficult to play accurately and learn techniques to overcome these challenges when working with a tuner.
  • Master the knowledge necessary to maintain an accurate tuning for your Native-style flute, allowing you to hit any note on your flute confidently!


Requirements: Let's get you started off on the right note! Here are the three things you'll need to get the most out of this course.

  • A willingness to learn and be patient with yourself!
  • A 6-Hole modern NAF (Native American Flute). The key doesn't matter, however, I filmed this course in the key of E.
  • Internet connection as videos are streamed and not downloadable (however, the printable guide is for off-site learning).


Who This Course is For:
We are excited to share this course with you because we know that there is a deep passion inside students who have taken our courses. Over 350 students have enrolled in this course and feel confident weaving throughout the flute and not avoiding any notes because they're too tricky or squeaky!

This course is perfect for anyone looking to get more out of their flute than just the pentatonic scale and first register.

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about tuning their modern Native-style flute.
  • Flute players seeking to master the range of notes on their flutes and not just settle for the basic scale of the flute.
  • Flute players wanting to improve their accuracy with cross-fingering and half-holing for each flute in their collection.


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Customer Reviews

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Soaring high

This course helped me understand that I was playing the higher notes wrong. I was having a hard time sustaining those notes above the octave but with Jonny's help, I was able to stay with those notes longer. There's no beating around the bush either, Jonny gets right to the point. I was able to go through this course in a day, though I kept coming back for refreshers when I would slip and forget.