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Take Your Flute Playing To The Next Level and Become Part Of A Community. Join Horizons Plus Today!

Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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OcariNAF [Part flute, part ocarina!]

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$ 145.00
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These little OcariNAFs are a great addition to your flute collection. Each one is as uniquely different as we are by nature of the wood grain and also the freedom of Lichtenberg wood burning designs.  
The OcariNAF is part Native-style flute and part ocarina. Don't let the size fool you, even though this flute measures approximately 8" x 2" x 2", it produces the pitch E4, which is "mid E" for us in the flute community. 

Here's what I love about it...
  • Easy scale: Just like our minor pentatonic Native-style flutes, this OcariNAF plays just like a 5-hole NAF. Three playing holes on the right side should be lifted one at a time from the bottom, then the two playing holes on the left side. The fingering is exactly the same. 
  • Compact design: Its compact design makes it an incredible instrument to pack into your purse, backpack or hiking bag and take on the road, up a cliff or to the studio without taking up too much space. Overall dimensions are 7-8" x 2' x 2".
  • The voice: The voice of this OcariNAF is earthy and woodsy lending itself well to meditative works or playing out in the woods. It's not an overly loud instrument, so it's wonderful for quiet places.  

*Not Native Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Betty Ruszecki
Too much fun!

The ocariNAF is the perfect packable little “go anywhere” flute. Love it.

Liz Keatch
Australian OcariNAF

I purchased my OcariNAF from Jonny and it arrived in Adelaide Australia, 6 days later!
This is an awesome little instrument. Beautifully created with a lovely warm tone.
So easy to carry - I’ve already played it in the outback and by the ocean.

Brandon Woodruff
Small but mighty

Just received my OcariNAF as a Christmas gift and am blown away by the quality of the instrument. Great tone; clean, clear voice and responds well to various techniques. I even find that I can half-hole the low note easier on this than some of my full-sized flutes! Being made of cedar, it's very light and the compact size makes it a great option for a travel instrument--especially since it has such a warm, low sound. As one of my daughters said, "How can something so small make such a low tone?" The fractal burning and wonderful, soft finish along with recessed finger holes are all icing on the cake.
One thing to realize if you play full-sized NAFs, this instrument does not overblow (at least mine won't), so don't expect to get all the second register notes you can with your other flutes. All in all, a great value and an excellent instrument!

Deb Clark
Love, love, love OcariNAF

I’ve had my OcariNAF for about a week now and it’s so much fun to play! Sweet sound . Let’s me play the lower key flute. And the woodsy aroma😍 I read that she makes a 6 hole OcariNAF. I would be interested in that too!
Thank you

Sheryl Brandon

I received my OcariNAF flute today, and absolutely must tell you how very pleased I am! I truly didn't have any idea what it might be when I saw it, but was attracted to the beauty, unique style, size, and beauty of design - and beyond reasonably priced. I am more than impressed with the tone, the incredible cedar scent, the beautiful design and finish work, and the ease of playing. I truly believe this flute was made for me and has already become a favorite. My instinct definitely showed me the way to finding this very special, 'made for me' instrument! I love it and I THANK YOU!!