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Check Out Our Current Deals and Promotions!

Because our flutes are handmade with love, there may be variances in color, wood grain, finishes or leather colors.

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Northern Spirit Flutes - The Adventure Series [Modern NAF A4] Native American-Style Flute - For Outdoors (Waterproof!)

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The Adventure Flute is the perfect accompaniment for all your outdoor adventures! This Native American-style flute comes in the key of mid A4 and is available in two different tunings: the Modern Native American Flute (Minor Pentatonic) and the Indigenous North American Flute (Major).

Crafted from food-grade ABS plastic, this flute is durable and easy to sanitize, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Whether hiking, backpacking, kayaking or simply enjoying a day in nature, the Adventure Flute is designed to enhance your experience by filling the air with sweet and friendly tones.

Measuring 17.5" in length, this lightweight and portable flute is easy to carry on all your adventures. With its ability to play near or in water, you can take the Adventure Flute wherever you go and create beautiful music in even the most rugged landscapes. The Adventure Flute - your perfect musical companion for all your outdoor pursuits!

  • Key: Mid A4
  • Tuning: Modern NAF or Indigenous tuning
  • Frequency: Concert A440 Hz.
  • Length: 17.5"
  • Material: ABS, Food-grade plastic

Fingering Chart for the Modern Native American Flute (Minor Pentatonic)



Made by Rich Dubé of Northern Spirit Flutes. 

*Not Native Made* 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Matt Poindexter
Great all-around flute for outdoors or any setting

The flute sounds great, is playable a very long time without wetting out, and is easy to care for. I keep flutes laying out so I can grab one and play along with music while watching TV, and this flute is perfect for that. Now to plan that river tubing trip with the flute ;)

Dorothea Schmeken
Northern Spirit Outdoor Flute

First I was taken aback a little bit by the dark brown plastic appearance of the flute with a non- descriptive block, but I am very happy about the good sound. I like the range of the flute. It plays easy and has a bit of low and high notes. It seems to take much longer for a wet out. The robustness of the flute is a plus and I will take it camping.
I might add some decorations myself to it. I am happy to have this flute.

Tim G.
Fast service

I ordered my flute on a Sunday and received it in Oregon by Wednesday. I did the embelishment tutorials and have watched several other beginner lessons on YouTube. The flute will get a good trial run on a trip to the Southwest in April. The canyons will be a fitting theater for the great sound of the flute.

Daniel Faulkner
Adventure series flute

I absolutely love this flute beautiful sound and it’s indestructible. I 100% will be buying more in the future

Bob W.
Excellent travel & outdoors flute!!

I had the pleasure of playing this flute on a trip to Lake Seneca in the Finger Lakes regions in New York. My first time traveling with this flute. An outstanding flute!!! It plays so good. It is tuned perfectly. It’s voice is so clear & responsive. Well heard in the outdoors.

The flute itself is made well. Very low maintenance. Very low wetting out. The totem even has a notch in it to fit on a piece on the flute itself. This way, it is always put back correctly, for those times you take it off for cleaning.

I bought the Am Pentatonic flute. I may be considering the Indigenous flute for the future.

Richard Dube’ of Northern Spirit flutes does an outstanding job with his flutes. The price is right. The best part….you don’t have to worry about the elements!!! Flute On!