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The Offering (Songbook) - Mary Youngblood

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Style: Digital Copy
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Native American flute music with "The Offering" – a comprehensive songbook by Mary Youngblood, acclaimed as the "first lady" of the Native American Flute. As a Grammy award-winning artist, Mary's passion and soul reverberate through her music, reaching out to touch listeners worldwide.

"The Offering" is a testament to Mary's artistic journey. Her debut recording was uniquely captured in the resonant depths of a Californian underground cavern. This distinctive recording has since won countless hearts, becoming a top-selling CD among flute enthusiasts globally.

Taking her dream a step further, Mary now presents these beloved melodies in the form of a songbook, enabling fans and fellow musicians to recreate her enchanting tunes. The songbook comprises all 17 songs from the original recording, transcribed and scored in Nakai Tablature with accompanying finger charts. Regardless of your skill level, you can now experience the joy of playing these songs on your own.

Play along with Mary in the comfort of your home – play her CD, open the book, and follow the notes. This 139-page high-quality book is user-friendly and easy to read, featuring scores for both five and six-hole flutes. It also includes a foreword by Mary Youngblood, transcription notes, and a fingering chart based on the Nakai Tablature for the Native American Flute. 

The book is conveniently spiral-bound for ease of use and was arranged by Clint Goss. It is proudly published by the Oregon Flute Store, ensuring you receive a product crafted with dedication and expertise. With "The Offering," you're not just learning songs; you're partaking in Mary Youngblood's musical legacy.

This book does not come with an audio CD. 

The Digital Version is made available as PDF.

Songs Included:

  • The Offering (key of A)
  • Children's Dance (key of A)
  • Tears for Kientepoos (key of E)
  • Silent Wolf (key of F)
  • Echoes (key of E, Drone flute)
  • Mark's Song (key of F#)
  • She Watches Them Play (key of A)
  • Eagle Clan (key of low Bb)
  • Aleut Wind (key of F#)
  • First Love (key of Bb)
  • The Gathering (key of F#)
  • Moaning Cavern (key of low A, Drone flute)
  • Winds of Change (key of A)
  • Flute Circle (key of F#)
  • Rekindle the Fire (key of Bb)
  • In a Yellow Mood (key of E)
  • Grandmother's Last Sunset (key of D)

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    The Offering (Songbook) - Mary Youngblood