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Join Us In Montana For The Mountain Melodies Horizons Masterclass on 8/3-4 with Optional Flute Making Masterclass on 8/1-2.
Join Us In Montana For The Mountain Melodies Horizons Masterclass.

unlock your potential and embrace your growth

Workshops are a great way to not only learn new things with your Native American flute, but also help us connect more with our instrument so that we can ultimately become better flute players. 

I've been blessed to help countless students experience breakthrough moments, overcome those frustrating "pain-points" and banish feeling uninspired.

Let's transform your flute journey!

Virtual Workshop Selection

– New Workshops Added Regularly! –

Many flute players avoid certain notes because they are frustrated by how hard they are to consistently achieve and make sound beautiful. By avoiding these notes, you are limiting your creativity and possibilities within your flute(s). 

I’ll show you how to get these notes more regularly leading you to a better understanding of how you can confidently play those high and odd notes with ease and accuracy!

When you stick with the confines of the same notes, you severely limit your creativity and options. Banish the fear of playing cross-fingering notes, half-holes and upper register notes and unleash new sounds as you learn new scales and styles to play!We’ll also work on how to improve your accuracy and speed when playing some of these notes, as well as some backing tracks to really put you in the mood and style of each exotic scale!

Chances are, you’re either in a rut with your flute playing or you’ve been in one. And that’s okay. The two biggest factors in growing as a flute player are awareness and accountability. Join me as we take a deep-dive into the most common roadblocks and hiccups flute players of all levels experience leading them to friction in their flute journey.We’ll look at several ideas and solutions that you can employ to propel you out of that rut and start chasing inspiration again!

Deciding “what” to play is an important factor in music, of course; but an even larger component to that is “how” you play it! Let’s work together and unravel ways that you can be more emotive in your flute playing to connect to the listener–whether you’re just playing from the heart, or you’ve rehearsed a song a hundred times.Topics we will be discussing are the use of embellishments, vibrato and space to expose a new layer of emotion in your flute playing. 

Embellishments are created from three distinct areas; the tongue, the breath and the fingers. Once you have a handle on some basic technical work and embellishments, it’s time to kick it up a notch! Learn how combining the technical work of these three areas make your flute playing sound more distinctive, robust and polished.We'll cover how to combine fluttering, bending, barking, rapid tonguing and rhythmic playing together in various combinations.

Many more workshops and courses for the Native American flute are on their way! Stay tuned as we explore all things Native American Flute.