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MINI-COURSE MARKDOWN!!! All Mini-Courses Are On Sale For $25 Each (That's a Savings of 43%)!
All Mini-Courses Are On Sale For $25 ea (Save 43%)!

Illuminate Your Journey

The 2024 Eclipse Isn't The Only Cool Thing On The Horizon


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  • $ 17.00-94%
    $ 17.00$ 302.00

THe SUN and MOON have
ALIGNED  to Bring you AN 

out-of-this-world bundle!

Harmonizing Light and Dark: Moonsongs & Convergence

Dive into the celestial realm with the NAMMY Winning album, Moonsongs by Jonny Lipford, featuring mystical native flute melodies intertwined with the captivating Convergence Digital Album.

Flute Serenade: 

Mastering 'Ain't No Sunshine

Elevate your flute skills with the soulful classic 'Ain't No Sunshine,' as you learn to enchant listeners with its mesmerizing melody and heartfelt composition.

Musical Journeys: Discover New Beginnings & Promised Moments

Embark on a musical adventure with 'New Beginnings' and 'Promised Moments' from Songbook Vol 2, featuring backing tracks, sheet music variations, original recordings, expert tips, and immersive play-along videos for an enriching learning experience.

+ Out of this world Bonuses!


Exploration and New Beginnings: 

10-Day FREE Trial

Discover Horizons Plus in a whole new light! Purchasers of THIS Bundle are granted an exclusive FREE 10-Day Trial. Immerse yourself in live events and endless replays during this special offer. 


Clarity and Direction: 

Exclusive 30% Off Membership

After the complimentary 10-Day Trial period concludes, purchasers of this Eclipse Bundle will be eligible to lock in a 30% discount on the annual membership forever, for the duration of their membership, resulting in an annual savings of $163 plus an additional $15 savings from the free 10 days!

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Over $4,591 in Value Awaits You - For FREE

✅ 6 Full Courses (novice to advanced) + More on the way! (Value = $816)

✅ 12 Mini-Courses (novice to advanced) + More on the way! (Value = $47/ea or $564)

✅ 22 Lesson Modules (Value = $37/ea or $814)

✅ 20 Guest-Led Workshop Replays (Value = $47/ea or $940)

✅ 39 Q&A Discussion Replays (Value = $27/ea or $1054)

✅ 23 Expanding The Circle Replays (Value = $7/ea or $161)

✅ 9 Compass Guide Meeting Replays (Value = $27/ea or $243)

✅ 5 Fireside Concert Replays (Value = Undetermined)

1 New Lesson Module each month (Value = $37/ea)

2 Live Q&A Discussions each month (Value = $27/ea or $54)

1 New Workshop each month with a Special Guest Instructors (Value = $37/ea)

2 Live Flute Circles each month (Value = $17/ea or $34)

4 Live Compass Guide Meetings each month (Value = $27/ea or $108)

✅ Access to Members-Only Resource Library

✅ Quarterly Flute Drawings 

✅ Quarterly Fireside Events

✅ Exclusive Member Discounts

✅ A thriving community of 420+ members

Joining us opens the door to over $4,591+ in value, built on our existing membership offerings. Every month, we enrich the platform with content worth over $270 for your enjoyment, entertainment, and learning. 

Your 10-Day Free Trial begins immediately upon sign-up, while your exclusive 30% discount for Horizons+ kicks in after the trial period. Rest assured, you have the flexibility to cancel at any time.

For just $1 a day, unlock access to a wealth of incredible benefits listed! Start your exploration today and dive into a world of entertainment and education with us.


To make this Limited Edition Bundle even more spectacular we've added another $60 worth of Secret Gifts. But we're going to keep them a surprise until you get access to your bundle!

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Grab this deal, before it's gone!

  • $ 17.00-94%
    $ 17.00$ 302.00