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Join Us In Montana For The Mountain Melodies Horizons Masterclass on 8/3-4 with Optional Flute Making Masterclass on 8/1-2.
Join Us In Montana For The Mountain Melodies Horizons Masterclass.


To be able to share music with you is one my life's greatest joys. Thank you for opening your ears and heart to me. I am grateful for your participation. See info below to get my entire set list! 

Your help is appreciated

Spreading the voice of the Native American flute is not only my passion, it is my livelihood. Like many performing artists, my gigs for the next few months have been canceled, resulting in a substantial loss of income. 

Your support is vital for my continuation of this creative artform.  I am grateful for a tip of any amount you wish to donate.

A Gift for you!

Whether you decide to leave a tip or not, I want you to have access to the songs that I played during my performance!

That's right. You get MP3s of all the songs that I played during my performance as a token of my gratitude. Just enter your email address below and I'll send them your way! 

One lucky person will also win a cedar flute and free access to my expansive Beginning Your Journey with the Native American Flute course! 

To enter the contest, please us the form on this page to submit your name and email address so we can contact you if you win! 

We will also announce when the Beginning Your Journey course is ready for launch!