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Take Your Flute Playing To The Next Level and Become Part Of A Community. Join Horizons Plus Today!
Taking Native American flute lessons via skype or facetime

Taking Native American flute lessons via skype or facetime

To be able to play freely without thinking hard and sound good doing it is the most requested goal by flute-playing students. It can be achieved and already has been for many! 

I get quite a few questions on what it's like to take lessons via skype or facetime. For one, I love the flexibility that it offers. We have the ability to connect with each other over long distances; literally from anywhere in the world! Keep in mind, I work with all levels of skill with folks on their Native American flute - from very beginner all the way to extremely proficient. 

While I can't speak to how other instructors do it, here's the skinny on how I go about online Native American flute lessons: 

  • Once a student decides to take lessons with me, they choose their lesson package and then fill out a form asking about their preferences (weekend, weekday, time blocks) and about some early goals that they may have in working with me. 
  • I communicate with students to arrange their first Native American flute lesson. Much like a doctor's appointment, we choose a specific time that's mutually beneficial. I typically teach weekday evenings from 6-9 p.m., weekend from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. I realize that this doesn't fit for everyone, so I'm flexible on that! 
  • Typically, lessons are 30 minutes long and we would meet once per week. 
  • In our first lesson, we will spend some time getting to know you as a flute musician and identify your strong points, as well as your weak points and I'll leave you with one or more things to work on 
  • Each week I will give you "homework" - little (or big) things to work on and report back on or play next time. Working with you regularly allows me to help you fine-tune your playing and establish good habits.  

Jonny Lipford playing flute into a microphone in front of a computer while giving a Native American flute lesson via skype

Surprisingly, I do not read music nor do I teach people how to read music for the Native American flute. I focus on technique, spirit and emotive playing.

"As a beginner on the Native American flute, after one-month of lessons under Jonny advanced my playing significantly. He doesn't offer you a cookie-cutter teaching approach, but brings his inner music creativity into the learning process. He not only reinforced the necessary basics, but quickly understood my playing abilities, and built on them with new techniques, song composition (we even wrote a song together), and expanded my own playing style. No matter what your level of playing, if you are looking for an encouraging and experienced flute instruction ... for my money, Jonny is the one!"

-Dr. Andrew Jackson | Arizona


If you think you're ready to learn some new things about your Native American flute or try playing the flute for the first time, let's do it! I'm eager to work with you! Sign up now>>


Things you'll need before our lessons: 

  • Download Skype (it's free and a recommended platform)
  • You can also use FaceTime, which comes with Apple products. You'll just want to make sure that you sign in with your Apple ID.
  • You can use mobile devices such as phones or tablets, but please make sure you have a strong wifi or mobile data connection. Weak connections cause lags and skips in the audio and video connection.
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