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Flutes Used in the Livestream TP Flute Concert

Flutes Used in the Livestream TP Flute Concert

Which flute was that?


I'm frequently asked which flutes I play on various songs and after the live stream concert on March 22, I received many messages from folks asking if I had more information. Below you'll find a photo of the flutes that played during that performance as well as a list with links to the flutemakers' websites, where applicable.  


A collection of Native American flutes played by Jonny Lipfor during his livestream concert on March 22


 Download PDF


Song Title

Flute Played

Flute Maker & Website

1. Winds of Change

Key: G#
Wood: Jarrah

Craig Chan | Earth Song Flutes

No website is available.

2. Rhythm of the Rainhorse

Key: F#
Wood: Red Cedar

Brent Haines | Woodsounds Flutes 

3. In The Misty Night

Key: D
Wood: Bamboo

George Dyson | By George Flutes

4. Could Be

Key: G
Wood: Madrone Burl

Gary Kuhl | Spirit Bird Flutes

5. Forgiven Memories

Key: A
Wood: Walnut

J.P. Gomez | Heartsong Flutes

6. Got No Worry

Key: A#
Wood: Maple

Randy Stenzel | Feather Ridge Flutes 

No website is available. 

7. Orange Dragonflies

Key: F#
Wood: Spalted Holly

Brady Young | 4 Wind Flutes

8. Reaching Out

Key: D
Wood: Bamboo

George Dyson | By George Flutes

9. Synergy

Key: D / A
(harmony drone)
Wood: Sasafrass

Brady Young | 4 Wind Flutes

10. Masked Ibis

Key: D (NAF)
Wood: Poplar

Key: D (transverse)

Wood: Bamboo

Rick Svitzer | Rain Spirit Flutes

Craig Noss | Fire Flutes

11. Emerging Vision

Key: A

(triple flute)
Wood: Spanish Cedar

Odell Borg | High Spirits Flutes 

12. Dancing Stardust

Key: F#
Wood: Port Orford Cedar

J.P. Gomez | Heartsong Flutes


Want to watch the concert and get my setlist for free? Click here to watch on Facebook.

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