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Jonny Lipford playing his native american flute in the woods for the blog post of 4 ways to learn to play the native american flute

Four Ways To Learn The Native American Flute

There are many ways to learn how to play the Native American flute. Some people might prefer a more structured and guided learning approach, while others may gravitate towards more self-driven, independent methods. No matter which way you choose, the most important thing is that you stick with it and keep practicing! Here are four different approaches to learning the Native American flute: 

1. YouTube Videos

Watching YouTube videos to gain basic ideas or fresh perspectives is a great way to start learning how to play the Native American flute. You’ll find loads of information on YouTube however there can be lots of misinformation. So, just be careful and use your best judgment when learning the Native American flute this way. 

  • Benefit: Lots of free content on YouTube which is full of ideas and suggestions. 
  • Challenge: All these ideas can be overwhelming, feel piece-meal without any structure or form and sometimes can be more damaging than helpful.  

Check out some of my tips for playing the Native American flute.

2. Online Courses 

Online learning continues to grow, and the opportunity to learn the Native American flute has become even easier and more convenient. Courses that are offered online allow a student to work leisurely through more in-depth content and methods. Everyone has a different way of learning, so one thing that I focus on when teaching through an online course is integrating audio and visuals and providing lots of resources that give clear direction to students. Most of my courses offer video demonstrations and accompanying PDFs to follow. 

  • Benefit: Online courses are a great way to learn at your own pace without having to show up at a scheduled time. 
  • Challenge: It can feel as though you’re on your own without any accountability. 

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3. Workshops 

Workshops are a great way of not only learning something new with your Native American flute, but they are also a wonderful way to gather with other like-minded individuals who are also aspiring to become better flute players. While the content of an online (or in-person) workshop can vary, they typically offer a solution to one specific problem and provide you with some resources that you can work on afterward. Workshops are typically shorter in time than a full, online course which is great for those who are looking for a quick fix or spark a new idea! 

  • Benefit: Affordable and great for a boost in getting over the hurdle in a hurry. Good workshops have form and build upon ideas.  
  • Challenge: Workshops can sometimes feel overwhelming with content. You need to show up at a certain time to reap full benefits. 

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4. Private Instruction 

Taking lessons from a Native American flute instructor is not only a wonderful way to intimately learn the Native American flute, but you’ll also gain a higher level of accountability and transformation. A good coach will help you achieve the things that are important to you by giving feedback on your performance, catering the lessons to your learning style and being supportive and encouraging throughout the process. 

  • Benefit: A higher level of support, and access to the instructor for any and all questions.
  • Challenge: Can be more expensive than other methods. Have to show up for a scheduled time. 

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