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There Are 6 New Workshops Open for Enrollment!

Growing as a flute player can feel like an uphill battle with plenty of plateaus. Jonny has designed each workshop to help flute players overcome their struggles, gain clarity and acquire fresh ideas. 

Whether you're just starting out, bored and stuck in your flute playing or desiring to cultivate a deeper relationship with your music; these live workshops (via Zoom) will help you over the hurdle!

Read below to learn about our 6 different workshops scheduled from September 8th until October 16th. 

Beginning & Beyond 

A Step Forward

If you're interested in playing the Native American flute but aren’t sure how to do it or where to get started, this is a great workshop for you. Many folks come to the Native American flute without having any musical abilities and find that in just a short amount of time, they can be creating beautiful music! While I have a complete online course for learning to play the Native American flute, this workshop provides additional live feedback and interaction with me and other students.

In this workshop, I’ll specifically guide you through:
     • How to properly hold the flute to avoid squeaking
     • Best embouchure techniques to avoid air leaks
     • Avoiding three critical bad habits
     • Getting the best quality sound out of your flute
     • How to improvise and play music
     • Propelling yourself out of a rut

This program is best suited for beginning and novice flute players.
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Successfully Playing With Backing Tracks

Find Your Groove
Playing with backing tracks is a fun and rewarding way to instantly sound and play differently on your flute(s), but sometimes it feels like a ton of work and things don’t really fit. Have you ever listened to a backing track and thought to yourself, “Hey, this would be great to flute along with” and then you pick up your flute to play along and it’s just awful? I’ve been there, which is why I’ve developed a 4-step method for playing with backing tracks.

In this workshop, I’ll specifically guide you through:
• How to find backing tracks that are suitable for your Native flute
• Breaking outside your normal rut and go-to with track selections
• How to choose and play along with a track that isn’t the same key as your flute
• Matching energy, tone and melodic structure so you’re not competing    with the track
• How to get started, when to come in and when to break away from playing
• Identifying chord changes, dissonance and consonance in our note choices
This program is best suited for any level of flute player.
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Improving Your Improv 

Get Out of Your Rut

The heart of the modern Native American flute is largely rooted in improvisation. This is a wonderful thing when you first learn to play, but after some time you may be feeling a little lost. Or that everything you share sounds the same, just in a different key with a different flute. Or, you can feel pressure within a minute or two of playing because you feel the audience is getting bored.
I get it. I've been in those shoes multiple times. Luckily for you, I've built tools and workflows that have enabled me to break out of that cycle, gain control and harness the inspiration.
If you're a flute player who wants to polish your sound, increase your overall proficiency with the Native American flute and have your improvisations sound more complete and robust, this is a great opportunity for you!

In this workshop, I’ll specifically guide you through:
• Playing with rhythm so you're not just floating away
• Liberating your note choices by introducing you to a couple of new scales
• Polishing your sound by working with breathwork
• Structuring your improvs into some frameworks so they don't wander too far
• Sprucing things up with embellishment choices and placements so you're playing with more interest

This program is best suited for beginning and intermediate flute players, although advanced players are also welcome to participate.
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Seeking Alternate Scales

Painting A New Picture With Sound
When you stick with the confines of the same notes, you severely limit your creativity and options. Banish the fear of playing cross-fingering notes, half-holes and upper register notes and unleash new sounds as you learn new scales and styles to play!

In this workshop, I’ll specifically guide you through:
• How to improve your accuracy and speed when playing new notes with awkward fingerings
• Leaping and landing without tripping
• Movements that break you away from sounding like you’re “just playing notes”
• Integrating these exotic scales with rhythm so that you’re really amplifying the mood

This program is best suited for intermediate and advanced flute players, but beginning flute players will benefit from these strategies.
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Efficiently Writing A Song

Create it. Remember It. Repeat It!
Writing music can be a very rewarding and creative process, but sometimes it can be overwhelming – especially if you're new to this, or you've been told that you're not good at songwriting!

When I came to the Native flute, I didn't know anything about music and dreamed of writing my own music one day instead of just noodling. Over time, I came up with my own way of writing music and capturing melodies with the Native flute... and it worked! That framework helped me write more than 300 songs to date.

In this workshop, I’ll specifically guide you through:
• Capturing those short melodies so that you can repeat what you just played
• Learning better phrasing habits so your playing sounds more poetic
• Controlling your energy and dynamics so you deliver a more emotive performance
• Arranging your song so that you aren’t mindlessly noodling
• Connecting your story so you have the confidence to share your music
This program is suitable for any level of flute player who desires to create their own music to share with others.
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Becoming More Emotive

Expressing Your True Feelings
Have you ever listened to a song and immediately reacted in chill bumps or tears? Or how about when you hear a song that commonly moves you, but this time it didn’t? Why is that?
Deciding “what” to play is an important factor in music, of course; but an even larger component to that is “how” you play it. I’ll teach you ways that you can be more emotive in your flute playing to connect with the listener–whether you’re just playing from the heart, or you’ve rehearsed a song a hundred times. Get ready to cultivate a deeper relationship with your flute. 

 In this workshop, I’ll specifically guide you through:
• When and where to use vibrato and when it’s best to leave it out
• Creative use of volume differentials so your music has hills and valleys and it’s not just flat
• Knowing when to rest, be still and allow the space to speak
• Connecting to your internal feelings and allowing them to flow through your flute
This program is suitable for any level of flute player who desires to become more expressive with their flute.
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Private Flute Coaching

Gain The Clarity You Need To Succeed!

I'm a professional educator of the Native American flute and have helped hundreds of flute players make progress in their musical pursuits in order to attain greater fulfillment. 

I help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. In creating these strategies, I'll target your unique skills and gifts. By helping you to make the most of your strengths, I'll provide the support you need to achieve long-lasting change.

My goal is to make you a more balanced and proficient flute player. I want you to have the feeling of satisfaction, bridging the gap between your current circumstances and the outcome you dream of.

This is my 1:1 experience for those who are incredibly dedicated and want to dig deep for personal and professional development in their flute journey. 
This option is suitable for any level of flute player who desires a greater level of accountability and success in their flute journey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the workshop(s) take place?

Each workshop will be held via Zoom. If you do not already have Zoom, you can download it for free here: https://zoom.us/

How long is each workshop?

Each workshop is scheduled to last 90 minutes, but we are allowing for some extra room at the end of the workshop for any participants who need a little extra support.

How will I get the link and information for the workshop(s)?

You will receive a PDF automatically after your purchase with all the info (including the meeting link and password)

What if I miss the workshop(s)?

We are providing a replay of the workshop for 30 days after the workshop date to paying participants who are unable to make it. Because space is limited, we cannot offer a refund if you miss this workshop.

Do I have to turn on my camera or microphone?

We want you to be comfortable and realize that being in a large zoom room can cause a little intimidation and uncomfortable feelings. By default, your camera will be turned off and your microphone will be muted upon entering the Zoom meeting. You may turn either on as you feel comfortable. To keep feedback to a minimum, please stay on mute during the presentation time.

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