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Join Horizons+ and redefine your musical journey.

Comprehensive Learning

Dive into full courses, tailored lesson modules and amazing workshops for in-depth flute knowledge. Our expert curriculum covers various topics and techniques for all skill levels.

Connection & Support

Join our private, nurturing community of fellow flute enthusiasts and professionals. With priority support, receive personalized guidance in a welcoming environment that fosters creativity.

Interactive Experiences

Engage in lively Q&A sessions, inspiring flute circles, and intimate fireside events. These collaborative experiences foster skill-building and personal growth.

Exclusive Perks

Enjoy exciting flute giveaways and exclusive deals as a valued Horizons Plus member. These perks show our appreciation for your commitment and passion for flute playing.

Membership Plans

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✅ 6 Full Courses (novice to advanced) + More on the way! (Value = $816)

✅ 12 Mini-Courses (novice to advanced) + More on the way! (Value = $47/ea or $564)

✅ 26 Lesson Modules (Value = $37/ea or $814)

✅ 22 Guest-Led Workshop Replays (Value = $47/ea or $940)

✅ 43 Q&A Discussion Replays (Value = $27/ea or $1054)

✅ 25 Expanding The Circle Replays (Value = $7/ea or $161)

✅ 15 Compass Guide Meeting Replays (Value = $27/ea or $243)

✅ 5 Fireside Concert Replays (Value = Undetermined)

✅ Access to Members-Only Resource Library (Value = Priceless)

✅ Exclusive Member Discounts (Value = Varies)

✅ A thriving community of 420+ Fellow Flute Players (Value = Priceless)

Total Value of Immediately Accessible Content = $5,116+


✅ 1 New Lesson Module each month (Value = $37/ea)

 2 Live Q&A Discussions each month (Value = $27/ea or $54)

 1 New Workshop each month with a Special Guest Instructors (Value = $37/ea)

 2 Live Flute Circles each month (Value = $17/ea or $34)

 4 Live Compass Guide Meetings each month (Value = $27/ea or $108)

✅ Quarterly Flute Drawings  (Value = Varies)

✅ Quarterly Fireside Events (Value = Undetermined)

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As a passionate flutist and educator, I created Horizons Plus with you in mind. My goal is to provide a comprehensive platform that empowers you to elevate your flute playing skills, connect with like-minded musicians, and access exclusive perks tailored to your needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We’re Here To Help

What kind of content is inside Horizons+?

The Horizons+ Membership is loaded with benefits! You’ll get immediate access to the majority of courses, a monthly lesson module with resources, two monthly LIVE Q&A sessions, two monthly flute circle events, one monthly workshop and inclusion in a private members-only group (outside the distraction of social media) and first opportunity to buy new flutes, products and spots to join live teaching programs before the general public!

Is this program suitable for beginners and more advanced players?

Yes. We’ve designed Horizons to be a platform for flute players of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned musician of NAFs, we believe there is something here for everyone.

We’ll be adding all sorts of content and learning materials for flute players of all levels–beginner, intermediate and advanced. This isn’t a one-way street either. We listen to our members and create resources and opportunities based on the feedback submitted so that no one gets left behind. 

How much is the membership? 

The monthly plan is normally $44/month. But during this limited time, you can join at a special annual rate of $1/day ($365/yr). 

Can I cancel at any time? 

Yes. The Horizons+ Membership is set up to auto-matically renew until you cancel. If for some reason you want to leave the membership and no longer be billed, you can easily do that from your student dashboard under "my account".  Once your billing cycle ends, you will no longer have access to the courses, recordings, and upcoming live events. 

How will I get access to the private community? 

When you signup you'll be sent an email with login details that will give you access to all of the courses, recordings, and community. And don't worry... there are a ton of videos explaining how you can access everything inside. If you ever get confused you can always ask a question at the live Q&A session!

Do I get to keep this rate? 

Yes! Once you lock into a billing rate, that rate will continue for as long as you remain an active member! 

💡 What Exactly Is Inside The Membership? 💡 

6+ Full Flute Courses

You'll get instant access to 8 full flute courses right away! Hours of video content and written guides filled with everything you need to improve your skill. The best part... you'll get every new course we release in the future at no-cost!

What courses are included?

  • Achieving Embellishments

  • Beginning Your Journey

  • Creating Harmonious Flow

  • Exploring Multi-Chambered Flutes

  • Easily Understanding Nakai Tablature

  • Kokopelli's First Flute

12 Mini-Courses

You'll get instant access to 12 mini-ourses right away! Shorter easily digestible courses focused on a specific area to improve your flute playing.  The best part... you'll get every new mini-course we release in the future at no-cost!

Mini-Courses include:

  • Getting Unstuck & Finding Your Inspiration

  • Perfecting Those Odd & High Notes

  • Playing With Backing Tracks

  • Gettin' Bluesy Baby!

  • Mastering Breath Control & Vibrato

  • Major? Minor? Pentatonic? Diatonic?

  • And 6 More!

20+ Professionally Guided Workshops With Special Guest Instructors+ A New One Each Month! 

Recorded workshops with professional instructors that you can go through at your own pace. These professionals teach you how to record and make your own music from home, unlock your creativity while playing, use embellishments to patch up your sound, and transform your songs into something more than just notes!

A Handful Of Our Incredible Guest Instructors include:

  • Timothy J.P. Gomez

  • Tommy Graven

  • Cornell Kinderknecht

  • Joanne Lazzaro

  • Christine Stevens

  • Suzanne Teng

  • Ron Warren

  • Rona Yellow Robe

  • Joseph L Young

  • & So Many More! + 1 New Guest Each Month!

25+ Lesson Modules + A New One Each Month!

These lessons are unique to only this group and aren't available anywhere else. I'll also be putting two new modules inside the group every month! You'll get the recordings so you can watch them back as many times as you want.

What lesson modules are included?

  • Walkthrough Of Jonny's Studio

  • Discovering Your Heartsong

  • The Creative Process

  • Covering Up Mistakes

  • Telling A Story With Your Song

  • Crafting A Winning Set List

  • & So Many More! + 1 New Module Each Month!

Live Q&A Discussions 2x/mo.

Twice a month you'll get the opportunity to jump on a LIVE Q&A with me and other members of the community. I'll give you all the answers you need while you get to learn from others. 

You'll have access to the recordings to watch back anything you miss.

What recorded Q&As are available?

  • Better Improvisations

  • Overcoming Performance Anxiety & Nerves

  • Setting GOOD Goals

  • Melody Starters

  • Memorizing Your Music

  • Embellishment Choices

  • & So Many More! + 2 New Q&As Each Month!

Live Flute Circles 2x/mo.

Flute circles are a fun way to join other members and share your music. We use small breakout rooms so that everyone has a chance to play and be heard! 

Compass: Guided Meetings

Led by experts, these guided learning meetings are designed to match your level & interests. Each month we offer a session on:

* Beginning Flute Playing

* Spiritual Flute Playing

* Intermediate Flute Playing

* Flute Works (Flute Making, Maintenance, etc.)

Resource Library

Gain access to dozens of valuable flute resources, such as: scale diagrams, improvisational filters, phrasing prompts, sound equipment guides, practice accountability sheets, goal setting sheets, and MUCH more! 

Private Members-Only Community

You'll have access to a members-only community so that you can have support and find an accountability partner along your flute journey! 

Fireside Events & Flute Drawings!

Each quarter we'll gather together and I'll share new music and behind the scenes at music creation. It's like you're in my studio with me. At random, I'll choose one member to receive a flute from my personal collection!

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