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What You'll Accomplish...

Spice Up Your Sound

Embellishments help spice things up and give us options in how we want to sound while playing and sharing music.

30 New Embellishments

We'll go over thirty different embellishments ranging from the simplest to the most advanced––even the nuances in these techniques. 

Sharpen Your Skills

I've included two quizzes where you'll hear a technique and try to answer it correctly. This will help to test your skills!

Improve Your Sound

With new embellishments under your belt, the way you play will never be the same. Your friends and family will even notice!

Here's What Previous Students Had to Say...

Everything You'll Be Getting!

We included some bonuses...

✅ Achieving Embellishments on Your Native American Flute ($97 value):

- 30 different embellishments broken down

- 2 quizzes to sharpen your skills

- Video walkthroughs of all lessons

✅ Key to Embellishments PDF ($19 value):

- Acronyms and definitions of all the techniques

✅ Periodic Table of Embellishments ($9 value):

- A helpful guide to remind of your options when you're looking to add some flare

On July 1st at 10:59 a.m. CT, the price of the course goes back it's regular price of $97

Want to fully command your sound?

Then this is made for you!

Embellishments add another level to your sound that makes a notable difference even when playing the same songs.

By learning these embellishments you'll give yourself more ways to play your favorite songs and 'wow' the people around you.

You'll get step-by-step training to learn everything the 'pros' use to add flare to their music!

Meet Your Instructor

Jonny Lipford is an award-winning musician who creates and composes music that highlights the Native American flute while pushing its boundaries. Jonny has a passion and gift for leading others and is one of the highest sought-after instructors in the industry. He's helped thousands of students achieve more in their flute journey by connecting with and instructing students in a meaningful and charismatic way.

Jonny Lipford

Founder & Instructor

Commonly Asked Questions

How will I receive the course?

After you purchase the course you’ll be sent an email from Horizons Flute School with login information. Once you log in, you will have immediate access to the course. If you have previously purchased a course and/or have a login for Horizons Flute School already, you will see the course under the “my courses” when you log in. 

IMPORTANT:The email address you use to check out is the email address that will be used for logging into Horizons Flute School. Please make sure there are no typos in your email address and you are using the right one that you prefer! Typos or using the wrong email address will delay your ability to log in and access your course.

What will I be learning inside the course?

You'll get a behind the scenes look at what professional flutists use in their music every day. I'll teach you 30 embellishments that add some flare to your sound.
Embellishments are different ways to play and string notes that change up your sound even if you're playing the same songs. They're made to 'wow' the people around you.

Will this help me if I'm a beginner or more advanced?

Yes! This course was specifically designed to help players of all skill levels. Whether you're just starting out or have played the flute for years you'll be learning some new moves that you can try out. I've had more advanced flutists go through the course and be pleasantly surprised with what they learned.

Will I always have access to this?

Yes! Once you're in you'll have access to all of the recordings forever. You'll get downloads of the PDF's so you can print them out as well.

Are these live trainings?

Nope. They've been pre-recorded so you can watch them as many times over as you wish.

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On July 1st at 10:59 a.m. CT, the price of the course goes back it's regular price of $97

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