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Achieving Embellishments On Your Native Flute [e-Course]

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Spice It Up!

Embellishments help spice things up and give us options in how we want to sound while playing and sharing music. In this e-course for the Native American flute, I break down thirty embellishments ranging from the simplest to the most advanced––even the nuances in these techniques.

The course is well organized with video and text lessons and two quizzes where you'll hear a technique and try to answer it correctly! This is a clear and exceptional way to learn and implement all these techniques.

The Achieving Embellishments course comprises 13 lessons and an accompanying printable guide for you to reference and work through. Once you enroll in the course, you'll have access forever and can work at your own speed.

What You Will Learn

As you advance your path of exploration with the Native American flute, you'll want to consider the nuances that can influence your sound, such as breath control, fingering techniques and tonguing. By studying various approaches from the basics to more intricate methods, you will be able to deepen your understanding of this instrument with guidance from Jonny Lipford. He has skillfully broken down thirty techniques into easy-to-follow steps to achieve greater depth and richness in sound as you develop your skills on the Native American flute. With his help, you can unlock subtleties of tonality, phrasing and articulation unique to this remarkable instrument, allowing for richer and more expressive musical performances. 

  • Learn advanced breath control techniques to create richer and fuller sounds on the Native American flute.
  • Master fingering techniques to further develop your skill in playing the Native American flute and to achieve more complex and exciting musical performances.
  • Develop subtleties of tonality, phrasing and articulation unique to the instrument so you can create dynamic musical performances with greater expression.
  • Gain insight into thirty techniques broken down into easy-to-follow steps with guidance from Jonny Lipford, giving you a deeper understanding of the Native American flute.


Let's get you started off on the right note! Here are the three things you'll need to get the most out of this course.

  • A willingness to learn and be patient with yourself!
  • A 5 or 6-Hole modern NAF (Native American Flute). The key doesn't matter, however, I filmed this course in the key of G.
  • Internet connection as videos are streamed and not downloadable (however, the printable guide is for off-site learning).


Who This Course is For

We are excited to share this course with you because we know there is a deep passion in students who have taken our courses. Over 400 students have enrolled in this course and their proficiency with embellishments has dramatically improved.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to become more expressive and emotive with the Native American flute.

  • Beginning flute players who are looking to explore the nuances and techniques of playing the Native American flute.
  • Experienced flute players who may want to hone their skills or gain a deeper understanding of the instrument.
  • Any flute player who wants more precision and skill with their articulation.



You'll also receive my Periodic Table of Embellishments. A helpful guide to remind you of your options when you're in that creative mode!

Are you ready to unlock your flute playing?



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IMPORTANT: Whatever email address you use at the time of checkout is what is used to create that account in Please be aware! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jacqueline K De Gerald
Excellent course

Really excellent course that was concise and to the point. Jonny is an excellent instructor. He makes it easy to progress.

Barry Grueter
Achieving Embellishments

Really great

Albert Montano

So much information! Taking it really slow.

Prefer not to say
amazing teacher!

Jonny is an amazing teacher and definitely the one for me! He explains things with such clarity and doesn't make you feel stupid when he shows you how to do things on your flute. I've taken a similar "workshop" with another high level instructor and it doesn't stack up anywhere close to what Jonny has put together. JL is the real deal. BRAVO JONNY!

Great course!

I'm really loving this course and all the different sounds that I can do with my flute now. I feel like I sound more polished with these things. Thanks Johnny!

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